What is Religious & What is Faith

In this series we discuss the difference between living a life of religion and living a life of faith. Drawing from the different life stories of people in the Bible that exemplifies a faith in God and a faith put in self. We hope that you will be encouraged and challenged by this series to grow in your faith in God.

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Part 1: An Excellent Sacrifice 

…it is by faith in Christ that I have good works. My works are the result of my faith in God. Without faith there can be no works. I don’t work for Christ; He works in me so that I am made more like Him.  An excellent offering is given by faith in Jesus, what is offered by faith in self (or anything else) is religious.

Part 2: Rest in God’s Rest

God is pleased when we find our rest in Him, while an unbelieving heart leads away from God’s rest.