Who is He?

Join us as we discover Christ in the gospel of Mark.  Mark’s letter is full of Christology, who Christ is, His mission, and what He did for us. This blog series is not a survey concerning Mark’s Christology, rather it is a culmination of brief posts that can be read like a devotional. We pray that as we learn more about Jesus, our relationship with Him deepens in intimacy.


Mark 1: He is Enough

Watching Shark Tank and it’s funny how angry the investors get when they make an offer and the entrepreneur stalls to see if there is a better deal.  They get so offended that they will remove their offer if the entrepreneur takes too long to make up their mind.

Mark 2: True Man and True God 

Mark’s passage is a forceful  Christological statement, a demonstration of Christ’s dual nature: the Divine and the natural.  Jesus identified Himself as the Son of Man exercising the right of God to forgive, because He is also the Son of God.


Mark 3: God the Son

What authority Christ commands, so that demons out themselves, crying out in submission “You are the Son of God!” Now that’s exorcism on a whole ‘nother level.


Mark 4: A Teaser Trailer

God is like the perfect teaser trailer. He’s been using teasers since the Garden. “You’ll bruise his heel but he’ll crush your head.” And then God makes the first pair of fur underwear.


Mark 5: Our Healer

I have two favorite passages that of Jonah and the woman with the issue of blood.


Mark 6: My Satisfaction – Part 1

Serving others is exhausting as every parent, minister and teacher knows! I love Mark’s telling of the five loaves and two fishes.